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Frequently Asked Questions
Prominently located on Park Avenue West in Mansfield, Ohio, Ontario Counseling Center has provided personal and professional care to residents of North Central Ohio for 15 years.
Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I know if counseling is right for me?

Each individual, marriage or family faces unique challenges with a unique solution. At Ontario Counseling Center we view counseling as that extra dose of support that every individual, marriage or family needs at some point in life. In the past we have helped people with:
*Marriages that are struggling to stay afloat
*Families that are not sure how to keep everyone happy
*Individuals who are feeling depressed or anxious
*People with real-life problems seeking out real-life solutions.

Does counseling work?

Scientific research and our clinical experience reveals that counseling DOES work. We have seen:
*Couples on the brink of divorce re-kindle love for one another
*Individuals leave with renewed confidence to overcome problems
*Families turn from despair to hope
While individual results may vary, we are confident that most people find counseling beneficial.

How long will I need to be in counseling?

"Because each individual challenge is unique, we believe in consulting with you directly about the number of counseling sessions that will be most helpful. For some, 5-6 sessions is enough to turn things around. For others, 10-15 sessions makes more sense. Rest assured that most people do not want to stay in counseling ""forever,"" and we are motivated to work with you at whatever pace you prefer."

My husband/wife refuses to come. Can I still work on my marriage?

Yes. The counselors at OCC recognize the freedom in individual counseling to work on both individual and relationship issues. It is not uncommon for successful marriage counseling to begin —and sometimes, even to be completed— with one person.

What does counseling cost?

We are pleased to offer competitive rates for personal and professional care. For both individual and couples/family counseling, an initial session is $85. Subsequent sessions are typically 50-60 minutes, and are $65 for individual counseling and $85 for couples/family counseling.

Do you accept insurance?

We are not contracted with any insurance providers, but we will gladly provide an insurance receipt after your session. Ask your insurance provider if you have any out of network benefits for counseling services.

Is counseling confidential?

At Ontario Counseling Center, we make the privacy of our clients a priority. The law requires that counseling be confidential, save for a few exceptions which are covered during your first session.